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Kırmızının Ötesinde / Beyond The Red

21 days ago
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Digital art

Contemporary Art


The exhibition "Beyond the Red" is based on Hegel's quote: "To be aware of limitations is already to be beyond them". While the exhibition examines the concepts of border and no boundary, it inquires the limitlesness of the boundaries with the questions such as; is the limit actually limitless? Should we first accept infinity in order to be able to say that there is a border? While borders are considered as "red" in the exhibition, "Beyond the Red" is determined as the place beyond the borders and where people meet with their limitlessness. "Beyond the Red" aims to make the audience question the boundaries and offer a variety of readings. Gizem Mavi Aydemir and Şeyma Nur Eren are took over the being curator of the exhibition featuring works by Ayşe Kapusuz, İlker Kayalı, Kerem Ağralı, Tutku Bulutbeyaz, Ülkü Yılmaz and Yunus Çermik.