Design Virtual Environments

Define your Space

Place walls and doors on a grid, and become the architect of your environment.

Fill your space with colour

Paint your space any color you like or upload your own textures and make your stories lifelike.

Upload Digital Content


Occupy the walls of your virtual areas with images from your PC or the internet, add title, description or copyrights, and make them interactive. Alter your image dimensions while curating your VR space.


Stream videos from the internet or upload your own. Give them a title, description and copyrights, alter their dimensions and immerse.

3D Objects

Choose 3D assets from a vast collection provided by Google’s Poly API or import your own 3D objects in any size you like, and give them a title, description and copyrights.


Add music or speakage to any type of content and make your virtual space even more interactive.

Create your story

Guided Tours

Place Guide points across your VR space, give them a title and a description and place any kind of audio for some extra flavor.


Choose the flow between your guide points and your uploaded content in order to stage your own narrative, and share your story with your visitors.

Experience VR

VR ready

Showcase your storytellings in VR mode via your mobile phone and dive into the world of creativity.


Interactive images, videos, 3D objects and sounds in a virtual space. All at your disposal to create your personal masterpieces.

Cost Effective

Investing on a VR kit for your mobile phone instead of producing architectural models in order to discover how the costs are far outweighted by the benefits.

Join our community and create your own virtual exhibitions