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Apropos of Aesthetics

Published 1 month ago

Expressionistic bright puddle violence -
Hanging clothes – head phones – stone shard shaped
sentences -
Black caligraphy, toilet paper, a star and more than half a
biscuit -
Black landscape language, scissors, Magritte bridges and
pastel pyramid triangles -
Oxo cube cube creatures, Ricther shadows and eight bit
circle sun tongues -
Chinese characters, mist and rain antenna for the symbolic
stone earth -
Found objects, distorted towers, white rectangles and a step
to somewhere eternal -
Blurred road trainers, felt tipped guitars, lightning bright
coloured rectangles -
Water columns drawn, sphere shadows and a beautiful calming
noose -
Ios white boxes, space arches, black and white water, a step
to chance and Pollock's denial of accidents
Apropros of Aesthetics
Consideration of Aesthetics
The Dissolution of Aesthetics
In the beginning there was Duchamp...
Ready mades...
A urinal smiles at bourgeois beauty seekers...
Apropos: With reference to; concerning.
Aesthetics: A set of principles concerned with the nature
and appreciation of beauty.
Consideration: Careful thought, typically over a period of
I ponder -
This and that -
Wherefores and whys -
Meticulously I weigh –
Justice scales for posits, points and perceptions -
I consider – I consider
Dissolution: The action or process of dissolving or being
Disintegration; decomposition.
They met and there was an attraction
They loved and officially joined
They disliked and they dissolved
Beauty: A combination of qualities, such as shape, colour,
or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the
A field of flowers – wild -
Flowers cut and vased -
Arcadian landscapes -
Botticelli's 'Venus' -
Michelangelo's boy who would be king -
Sunset and sunrise -
I see beauty in everything
See beauty -
In shapes and sizes all -
black and blue -
small and tall -
A dead bird, on a snow covered street - red blood – white
snow – black asphalt
A bath in which a naked person lies, the water smattered
with ash and smoked cigarettes
Bacon sellotaped to a wall
Meaning: A combination of qualities, such as shape, colour,
or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the
Flood struck by thoughts
A telegram to the soul
A text message from within to without to within
Connectivity through the ether
Minds melded magnificently
A conveyance from artist – to art – to audience
Duchamp talked of the “visual indifference” of his
'Fountain' and how he was trying to “discourage aesthetics”.
He also wrote in a letter to Hans Richter about how he was
unhappy that people admired his 'ready mades' aesthetically.
Was Duchamp trying to show artistic indifference with these
works, or was he trying to challenge peoples perspective on
Duchamp: “Painting is finished” - was this merely a
reactionary statement, or did he really think that? Was
it... Is it ... Finished?
The dissolution of aesthetics is impossible!
The dissolution of aesthetics is worth some thought?...
Neither and either and both...
In the Dogme 95 Manifesto Lars Von Trier and Thomas
Vinterberg attempted to bring about a less aesthetic
approach to film, in order to search for, as Von Trier put
it, an ‘ægthed’, an authenticity, a “genuineness/sincerity”
and I believe that, in a way, they acheived that. Is this
something that other artists should focus upon?
Can an artist stop themselves from considering aesthetics?
White stones of salt
Crush, crush, crush
Pain from tooth – in place – surrounding – far from face –
in the air next to them – emcompassed by pain -
Salt slipped into water -
Salt dissipates – salt dissolves – salt appears to disappear
– to become one with the water -
Salt water floods teeth -
Time passes – pain dissipates
Are aesthetics, in art, “mind forged manacles”?
Is considering aesthetics a problem if they do not hinder
the artist? Are we able to tell if an artist is hindered?
Galina Grigorjeva stated that “art exists because the world
is not harmonious and perfect”.
Andrei Tarkovsky stated (similarly) that “an artist exists
because the world is not perfect”.
Werner Herzog stated: “I believe the common denominator of
the universe is not harmony, but chaos, hostility and
If this world, in which we abide is not “harmonious and
perfect”, if the aforementioned is a catalyst for the birth
of artists and if this sphere is more chaos than beauty,
should not art reflect this?
A fox falls after long life to eternal sleep
The moist soil it's last and lonesome bed
Cool is the ground and many are the creatures that serenade
Time moves through the earth and through the fox and the fox
changes accordingly
The fox begins to fragment – it's fur and flesh dissolve
The earth and fox are one once more
Marina Abromovich talks of “confronting pain, blood and
physical limits of the body” should these kind of ideas be
more important to artists than aesthetical considerations?
Should artists, like the Dada movement, reject aesthetics?
Do artists think about aesthetics as much as writers on art
Is aesthetics becoming less of a consideration in art a good
“Art made primarily to display technical virtuosity is often
beautiful, striking, elegant… and vacant, if technique were
the core issue in art, our nominee for the famous artists
wax museum would be the lifer at San Quentin who spent 20
years constructing a perfect replica of the eifel tower from
toothpicks... But that's not the way it works. Simply put,
art that deals with ideas is more interesting than art that
deals with technique" - Ted Orland
Dandy bohemian beaming brightly -
Decadent dreamer – short story weaver
Chokes on a debauched boiled sweet
Louise Howard stated that “when humans are at their most
vunerable, exposed and immediate self this is often when
their true beauty emanates”
If better art is created when an artist is at their most
“immediate self” would it not be better for artists to be
less shackled by aesthetical considerations?
Who is art for?
Some of the populace want aesthetically pleasing art – must
artists give them what they want?
What would their art be like if artists were unfettered by
Does the consideration of beauty hold artists back?
Should an artists message be more important than the
aesthetics of their piece?
Arthur Danto stated: “Art pieces are merely vessels through
which meaning, ideas and thought are communicated”
Is this true? Is art only the communication of “meaning,
ideas and thought” - do aesthetical considerations not come
into it? Does beauty not have a place in art? Should both
beauty and meaning be considered? If so to what extent?
Referendem after referendum
Vote after vote
Countries alone – no longer united
Britain no longer Great
“Ai Wei Wei's ability to strike a balance between art
objects for aesthetic and intellectual contemplation on the
one hand, and a sustained and forceful critique of the
Chinese political establishment on the other, had made him a
potent cultural and political force in recent years”
– Colin Siyuan Chinnery
Polution grows and breeds and births
Ozone destruction – dissipation
The sun's heat upon the earth increases
The polar icecaps sweat and shrink
Water rises taking back land as it grows
Ben Vautier: “Everything is art”
Michael John Hulley II
Instagram: Michael John Hulley II

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