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Words in Windows

Published 1 month ago

How do you make a blueprint for the future whilst you're huddled down at home surviving 2020? Get a global community of creatives to plot and plan and write it out...on their windows! Words in Windows is an open, global initiative by Micro Galleries. We put out the call for creatives from across the globe to place our ideas, poetry, positive protest, message of love, hope, resilience, questions, imaginings for a post-COVID society in windows for friends, family, neighbours – anyone!
The idea is that no matter how small our audience, how tiny the window, how small the impact, we litter our windows with words that make our buildings artworks, inject something wonderful into the lives of passers-by, and build a new literary narrative for the future. Our only requirement is that it is a positive contribution to our community.
For one week in July 2020, creative souls who care - from Nairobi to Jakarta to Hong Kong to Sydney - wrote their messages out for the world to respond to, and we have brought them all together in a collection here for you.
If you get fuelled up and sparkly levels of inspired to make your own, please tag us! #MicroGalleries #WordsinWindows

Categories: Digital art, Photography, Traditional art, Video, Crafting


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