Diaspora in Bloom 2020

Published 1 month ago

Diaspora In Bloom: Transcending Borders Through Assyrian Art gets the inspiration for its title from the famous Assyrian folk song by Dr. Freydun Atturaya, “Nishra d’Tkhume” “Eagle of Borders”.
Written during World War 1, the opening lyrics read:

Oh eagle of borders, king of birds
Spread your wings so that I may fly to Tyare
From Urmi to Mosul, between two Barwars
I will save my nation, ancient Assyria

The lyrics of the song have been cherished by Assyrians for an entire century. As a stateless people, Assyrians have been bound by borders others placed upon them and continue to control.
From being split among four countries in their homeland, to being dispersed into a global diaspora today as a result of politics & persecution, Assyrians long for the wings of an eagle that will help them fly past the borders that continue to separate them from their friends, families, homelands & history. While the volatile dotted lines on a map have increasingly become points of conflict and tension in today's world, borders become wholly irrelevant from a bird’s eye view.
In the latest exhibition by Diaspora In Bloom, and the first ever virtual gallery of contemporary Assyrian art, artists from around the world serve as our eagle’s wings. By gathering their unique perspectives on a complex and diverse identity, we are able to transcend borders that seek to divide us and gain a bird's eye view on what it means to be human.
The virtual nature of this gallery is the final element that proves Marshall McLuhan’s famed mantra “the medium is the message”. In a world on lock down many are just discovering the harshness of borders that Assyrians have always known. Yet digital spaces designed for computerized community help us blur the reality of man-made boundaries. The blurring of reality and subsequent imposing of a virtual reality suggests the futility of borders. We invite you to immerse yourself in each artist’s expression, and through it, soar over walls and frontiers, with wings like eagles.

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