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In June of 2019, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law the repeal of religious exemptions to vaccinations, which essentially took away the right of children to opt out of any or all vaccinations while they obtain a public education.

This group of children are a minority that make up about 0.15% of New York State's population, approximately 27,000 children. Their right to a public education was stolen from them by New York legislators in the name of public health.
Lawmakers ignored Mayor de Blasio when he publicly announced that children with religious exemptions are not a threat to public health and are not to blame for the Measles "outbreak" in Brooklyn. Lawmakers ignored testimonies of doctors including, Dr. Larry Palevsky's affidavit on how the alleged measles "outbreak" in New York was presented to the public fraudulently. Lawmakers ignored Health Care Professionals, Scientists, and Investigative Journalists, like Del Bigtree, who presented evidence that prove unvaccinated children are not a threat to public health and that herd immunity is simply not obtainable in an undervaccinated adult population. Lawmakers ignored mothers and fathers as they pleaded to keep their healthy children safe and in school.
While our legislators in New York may THINK they have done a great job at protecting our children by repealing religious exemptions and reinforcing medical exemptions, they instead have DEVASTATED healthy children all over the state of New York by stripping their right to a public education, by segregating them from their friends, teachers, and communities, by dividing families, by depleting family finances, by creating a public platform for discrimination, and by essentially turning them into refugees who can no longer stay in the communities they once called home.

I will be taking my own activism one step forward by doing what I do best, showcasing the artworks of children! In this case, artworks of children who have been unnecessarily tossed aside in the name of public health.
HOW CAN ART HELP? www.artlights.online
ART helps heal and puts things into perspective. These children have a voice and deserve to be heard!
Art Exhibitions can send powerful messages of hope and love while shedding light on social issues!
We can all help by offering a platform for self expression. These children are now experiencing, depression, withdrawal, loss of friends, loss of community, discrimination, self esteem issues, and some have gone as far as suicide.

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