I Listen To Color II Online Exhibition

Published 4 months ago

Milwaukee, Wisconsin – The Frank Juarez Gallery is pleased to announce its third online exhibition titled, “I Listen to Color II”. This juried exhibition features abstract works that are first and foremost driven by the sight of color.
Featured artists are Ann Baer, Jesse Bell, Megan Marie Bickel, Beki Borman, Deborah Brooks, Jason Christensen, Tony Conrad, Paula DeStefanis, Ally Emrich, Terri Field, Shana Goetsch, Robert Howsare, Clare Jorgensen, Katelynn Noel Knick, Frank Korb, Roxane Mayeur, Heather Olker, Jeanne Nikolai Oliveri, Raul Ortiz, Rosy Petri, Sara Risley, Kat Rodriguez, Katherine Steichen Rosing, Colette Odya Smith, Ben Talatzko, Terry Tayler, Nathan Vernau, Mark Weller, Jen Williams, and Kelly Witte.
This online exhibition runs from June 5 – 30, 2020.
When you look at a piece of art what gets your attention? Is it the materials used? The interplay between space and texture? Use of color? As artists how can we use color to stimulate our creative process? “I Listen To Color II” is an online exhibition focusing on works driven by the use of color and how it impacts direction, aesthetics, and voice.
In 2012, Neil Harbisson presented his Ted Talk,“I Listen To Color”. Harbisson was born completely colorblind. Later in life, a device was implanted into his head, which allows him to detect color through audible frequencies and as a result is able to ‘see’ color. This inspired the idea of curating an exhibition that is stimulated by color and how it is perceived amongst abstract artists, which was first curated in 2014 at the Frank Juarez Gallery. “I Listen to Color II” is the second installment of this exhibition.
Featured works are available (unless otherwise noted) with 100% of the sales going directly to the artists.
Contact Frank Juarez at 920.559.7181 or frankjuarezgallery@gmail.com for further information about this exhibition.

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