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Visual Artists' Society Summer Spotlight 2020

Published 3 months ago

Due to the closing of the College of Central Florida’s campus due to Covid-19, we are moving this year’s Summer Spotlight Exhibition online. The theme of this year’s spotlight will remain the same with artwork that uses a Split Complimentary color scheme included in the show.
Artists included:
1. Marion Savage
2. Louise Faciponti
3. Sharon Becker
4. Margaret Watts
5. Joyce Cusick
6. Leona Asta
7. Douglas Dankel II
8. Marcelle Schvimmer
9. Bonnie Eads
10. Nancy Wright
11. Linda DeRosa
12. Grace Senior Morandi
13. Maureen Simpson
14. Sharon Edwards
15. Carol Gallion
16. Sharon Harris
17. Carol Basso
18. Lucy George
19. Nancy Fazio
20. Sharon Rapone
21. Lisa Russo
22. Rich Schleicher
23. Vicki Carol
24. Nancy Wall
25. Danielle Bryan
26. Charles Eady

Categories: Photography, Traditional art, Sculpting


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