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Tones - an online group exhibition

Published 5 months ago

Since the beginning of 2020, or perhaps long before, the world has been in various states of flux, requiring a change of pace, a different dynamic and altered means of interaction. Thus, as we shift in tone to new possibilities, acknowledging the tensions and sounds of strain, and as the seasons are changing colours to different shades, this exhibition presents a play of form, shape, colour and tone. By gathering together works that engage with gentle and sometimes unexpected representations, the exhibition hopes to offer solace and a space for reconnecting, in spite of the precariousness that we have recently experienced of our worlds. The idea of tone as incremental, some- thing steady and gradual, resonates with our current experiences as we begin to assume new normals, slowly adjusting and shifting as our world as we knew it changes its tune.
Anico Mostert
Benjamin Coutouvidis
Khalid Abdel Rahman
Nina Holmes
Kyu Sang Lee
Kino Hogan
Ibrahim Khatab
For further information or a copy of the full catalogue pdf, please email info@eclecticacontemporary.co.za or visit our website www.eclecticacontemporary.co.za

Categories: Digital art, Photography, Traditional art, Sculpting


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