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Re-Vision: A Modernist Approach

Published 6 months ago

Moh’d Bilbeisi (Jordan), D’Zart (Algeria), and Behnaz Sohrabian (Iran) represent three exciting approaches to contemporary art steeped in Middle Eastern cultural experience.
Art Ventures' first virtual exhibition features three artists from the Middle Eastern diaspora. Moh’d Bilbeisi is an artist, architect and professor at Oklahoma State University who hails from the Kingdom of Jordan in Western Asia. D’Zart is a “socio-cultural messenger, expressing his vision of Algerian society through artwork…to reach across generations in the 21st Century.” Behnaz Sohrabian holds a master’s degree from Art University – Tehran and a bachelor’s degree in applied chemistry from Alzahra University. Her work is about being a woman and giving voice to the many challenges that women face in this era.

Categories: Digital art, Traditional art


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