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Published 3 months ago

If we could see the people around us only as of the outline of what we know about them, we would be surrounded with shadows and silhouettes. However, such a wicked world seem more consistent than the reality as we know it.
The light itself could trick us into thinking that we can touch the secret others carry inside, although those secretes are hard to reach even when they are speaking openly with us.
From each encounter, it would be obvious that getting to know each other and recognizing each other represents one of the most difficult tasks. Because even though we often face that complex process, we mistakenly assume that it is easier to reveal somebody else’s secret than our own.
Just as the silhouettes that surround us can help us to iluminate our own secret, well beheld inside we can find the light that can be enjoyed by those we meet.
Let this exhibition of shadows be an invitation for us to look at one another in order to find ourselves in the secrets of others.
If you are currently unable to look at those close to you, look more deeply inside yourself and surprise them with your discovery.
Bojan Džodan

Categories: Photography


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