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IAIA 2020 BFA Exhibition: "Resistance Through Existence"

Published 6 months ago

Resistance Through Existence is curated by the Institute of American Indian Arts museum studies student Faithlyn
Seawright (Chickasaw/Choctaw) and co-curated by MoCNA chief curator Manuela Well-Off-Man and features twelve graduating IAIA seniors. The exhibition tackles a wide variety of topics ranging from the revitalization of tribal regalia and mask making to healing from traumatic events that happened as a result of European colonization. Inspired by their ancestors and history, many of the artists comment on what it means to be Indigenous and part of a living culture.
The exhibition showcases the power of resistance that Indigenous people hold simply by existing in a western expanding world, responsible for the forced removal and planned genocide of the American Indian. Whether it’s through the exploration of cardboard, the visualization of the Big Bang or through welding found objects together, these twelve artists have shown what 500+ years of
resiliency looks like through their art and how they are inspiring the next generation to take hold of their ancestral teachings and cultural way of life in a world facing continuous change.

Categories: Digital art, Photography, Traditional art, Sculpting, Animation, Video


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