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Art105: Inside Out

Published 6 months ago

"Inside Out" Group Art Show
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Brad Davis
Doug Hammett
Outi Harma
David Hollen
The term “Inside Out” refers to the big reveal, where something at the inner core shifts to an outward expression. This can manifest on many levels; physically, emotionally, and spiritually. In this show, 4 artists were chosen for their unique way of how they reveal what is often hidden or ignored.
Brad Davis incorporates multiple layers of texture in his paintings which encourage the viewers to move into his tactile 3D worlds. By bringing the surface ‘out’ the viewer is drawn ‘in’ to experience a unique history within the layers of paint.
Doug Hammett has taken on the persona of “Candy” when painting with saturated colors on heavily textured surfaces. This series finds playful relationships between inner and outer worlds. Unexpected narratives develop as figurative and abstraction dance side by side.
Outi Harma’s archetypal paintings use the language of the mythological female to move out of the emotional landscaped that are normally held deep within the recesses of one’s being. Her images merge the visible and invisible worlds.
David Hollen brings to view the often hidden fundamental geometric patterns of life, that forms the inner structures of nature, such as Beehives, Sea Sponges, and bubble foam, and sea plankton skeletons.
This is a unique opportunity to explore these art pieces and experience how they uniquely guide you “Inside Out".
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