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DIOGEN pro culture magazine present you Meda Norbutaite from Vilnius, Lithuania (Wed Aug 14 2019 11:42)

Published 1 year ago

Inspiration of visible appearance
The original taste of the prints presented to us by Meda Norbutaitė creates the quality of a detectable interactive and at the same time just a seemingly mysteriously reflective art.
Regardless of whether it is a drawing and / or an oil on canvas, an artist denudes everyday life, without hesitation even to go over the boundaries, not of the good taste, but the hypocritical morality we face in everyday life.
Humanity in animal representation, but also animal within human appearance shows, but it also proves, that we are just a breath of breeze in the hands of artists, whether it is pencil, peru and / or pencil in her hand.
Who are we? Poor, beheaded, pain-focused individuals who are here today are in the hands of the artist making a print of our own personality, as the artist himself quotes giving a name to the one her art works: "“In the hands of a sculptor".
There, at that moment, living and non-living meet, material and spiritual, human and animal, playing with us and with our senses.
Visible becomes concealed and concealed transfers into the flash of visible. The vividness of colors in the encounter with the gray environment, inspired by the flora and bounded just in the intercourse of supernatural and reality, creates new stereotypical touches of making.
At the same time, the black-and-white variation-oriented towards drawing that overrides the space survives by targeting inspiration of possible alternatives to the erotic reality.
Meda Norbutaitė's own creative development is based on the inspirational source of meeting with the ambience, in which she abides, with the imagination of the spirit and possible alternatives to space and time.
Editor in chief 
Sabahudin Hadžialić
March 2018


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