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"7 Artists for 7 Days 2019" MydayByday Gallery in Rome

01 year ago
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https://www.mydaybydaydiary.com/7artists19.html "This edition will feature only STUDENTS coming from different universities/colleges and schools scattered around the World. It will be a UNIQUE edition, never seen before. It will be a visual/digital/window display Presentation, but also an Onsite and Online exhibit lasting 7 months in Rome at MydayByday Gallery. 7 artists for 7 days for 7 weeks for 7 months.....How many can you count ? Around 28 artists will be participating. The Public that loves Contemporary Jewelry and those who do not know what contemp jewlr is, will have the chance to Visually Engage from their homes with the Students I selected. I tried looking inside their Souls and to Look through their Eyes. I tried to capture what moves them. I translated their language barrier, so that you could experience/listen/understand Their ArtWork. Please Help these Students. FOLLOW/SHARE/SUPPORT/REPOST Whether you are a Gallery, a Magazine Editor, a Curator, a Museum, a Customer , a Fair