About us

Artsteps is a a web-based environment that allows its members to create virtual art galleries in lifelike 3D spaces. It is an application for artists, art organizations and art enthusiasts to model actual or virtual exhibitions by designing realistic 3-dimensional room complexes. Virtual exhibitions may include 2-dimensional artifacts (e.g. paintings, photos and posters), 3-dimensional artifacts (e.g. sculptures or small installations) and streaming videos.

Virtual exhibitions can be explored on the Artsteps web site or can be embedded on any web page, site or blog. They can also be rated, discussed and shared through a multitude of options, including posting on popular social sites.

Through a simple, interactive tool that allows easy modeling of virtual exhibitions, Artsteps makes artwork available to anyone. It can be accessed over the internet, using a common browser, without any additional software requirements.

Artsteps is released by Dataverse Ltd, a software development company. Incorporated in 2007, Dataverse is built around a solid team of computer engineers, web designers, software developers and content experts, most of whom draw from a long experience (of more than 15 years) with the use of web based technologies for the documentation and promotion of art and cultural heritage.