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ArtSteps is an online community of creative people, who exhibit works of art within virtual galleries.


Basic account

Premium Account

Gallery Storage Space30 artifacts uploadsMultiple artifact uploads
Gallery Exhibition SpaceOne free permanent exhibitionOne free permanent exhibition
Unlimited concurrent exhibitions
Exhibition embeddingNoYes
PriceFreePay-as-you-go ArtSteps Credits
Professional ServicesNoYes

Gallery Storage Space

In your free gallery, you can store up to 30 artifacts, whereas signing up or upgrading to a premium account, your gallery storage space is unlimited. You can upload as many artifacts as you want using Pay-as-you-go credits. For instance, for 3000 credits, you can upload 100 artifacts.

Gallery Exhibition Space

Every ArtSteps gallery (Basic or Premium) can host one permanent exhibition with no time or space limits. Premium users can also host unlimited concurrent exhibitions, public to all ArtSteps users. Publication will last for a period of months of your choosing. One exhibition month costs 2500 credits per exhibition.

Exhibition embedding

Every ArtSteps Premium user can embed their exhibitions (permanent or current) in their websites.

Pay-as-you-go ArtSteps Credits

ArtSteps credits are a virtual currency you can use to extend your gallery’s storage and exhibition space. Buy Pay-as-you-go credits whenever you wish. That’s 500 credits for 1 euro or 1 credit costs 0,002 euro… well you get the point. There is a minimum charge of 20 euro for Signing up or updating your Premium Account. For 20 euro, you get 10000 credits. With 10000 credits, you can upload 100 artifacts and publish one exhibition for two months or two exhibitions for two months and still have more 2000 credits left.

Professional Services

With Premium Account, we can provide you professional services and support at competitive prices.