Help Center > Create a Room Template > Place Inner Walls

Placing inner walls is your second step of creating a room template. You will be taken to the ‘Place Inner Walls’ layout by selecting the ‘Next’ button in the Define Room Dimensions layout. Left click in any cell to start building inner walls in your room. Having your left click button pressed and moving your mouse horizontally or vertically fills up a sequence of cells. To delete a wall you have just designed, just left click and this cell-wall will be removed. At this step, you may design walls at any dimensions and in any location inside your room. At the next step(Check placed walls correctness), ArtSteps will check your walls correct location, which may allow or not navigation inside the room.

It is recommended though:

  • not to create an one-cell wall because, you may not be able to hang any artifact
  • to create spaces longer than three cells between your inner walls or your inner walls and outer walls, to ease navigation inside the room
  • always create wall angles

In case, the inner walls create a closed room either with your outer walls or inside the outer walls, this closed room will be your new exhibition room and template.