Help Center > Manage Exhibitions > Add Exhibition

Navigate to and click ‘Exhibitions’ in the upper right hand navigation bar to manage your gallery’s exhibitions. You can create a new ArtSteps exhibition, simply by selecting the ‘add exhibition’ button. You will be then asked to fill out some fields:

  • Title
    Create a title for your new exhibition. The title should be short, memorable and illuminating. It always appears alongside the exhibition’s image to promote your exhibition in ArtSteps community. Try to pick something that best describes in a few words your exhibition.

  • Image
    Upload an image from your computer to stand in your exhibition’s image. ArtSteps exhibitions are not videos, so you cannot use one exhibition frame for your image. You could upload an image of an artifact you intend to exhibit in this exhibition, so that you give a better and clear idea of what this exhibition is all about. Your exhibition’s image is really important for convincing users exploring your exhibitions, without even reading your title.

  • Description
    Write a brief description for your exhibition. It should reflect your intent and seriousness in bringing your exhibition to the ArtSteps community. The description should give a better idea of your exhibition and artifacts exhibited. It appears alongside the title and image when users are browsing Artsteps exhibitions.

  • Tags
    Tags should be descriptive keywords of your exhibition. Users will discover your exhibition by selecting the right tag while browsing Artsteps exhibitions. Include as many tags as you think it is necessary to best describe your exhibition, but always separate them with commas.

When you have filled the above fields or just the Title, select ‘Save’ and your new exhibition will be created in your gallery. Simple as that!

You will be taken in the ‘Edit Exhibition’ page. In case you don’t upload an image, a default ArtSteps image will be used for your exhibition’s image. You can later on update your exhibition’s details. You can move now to the next step to design and arrange your exhibition space or simply said Add Rooms.