Help Center > Curate Exhibition Rooms > Resize&Color Textual Artifact

Textual artifacts are just text that you can ‘hang’ in your ArtSteps walls. Change color and/or font size to make your textual artifacts look as you wish. In the ‘Curate exhibition room’ overlay, left click on a specific textual artifact and select the third option that appears to you ‘Text Properties’. In the new window, there are two text properties:

  • Font color
    You can choose between a palette of 216 colors the desired color for your text. Just click on the black color for the palette to pop up and select the color you wish.

  • Font size
    Just use the slider to choose a font size for your text.

After changing your text properties choose the ‘Change button’ and check your textual artifact. You can go back at the ‘Text Properties’ and change them again if your textual artifact does not look as you wish.