After placing an image artifact, you can frame it. Framing does add some beauty to certain images. Others might look more natural without it. You can easily frame an image artifact. In the ‘Curate exhibition room’ overlay, left click on a specific image and select the third option that appears to you ‘Frame Properties’. You will be taken in a new window to choose the best frame for your image. There are three types of frames you can choose from:

  • Real Frames
    We have chosen 8 different real frames with default width that can be used for your images. Just select the radio button labeled as Real Frame first and then the radio button of the frame you wish to use.

  • Only-color frames at any size
    You can choose between a palette of 216 colors, the desired color for your image frame. You can also choose your frame size. Just select the radio button labeled as Color Frames. At first, choose your frame color. Click on the black color for the palette to pop up and select the color you wish. Then, use the size slider to choose the width of your frame.

  • No frame

After selecting the type of your frame, choose the ‘Change’ button and check your framed image. You can go back at the ‘Frame Properties’ and change your frame if your image does not look as you wish.