You can navigate your room using the up, right, down and left arrow keys of your keyboard and decide what to hang where. You must first select the type of artifacts you wish to place in your room and these artifacts will appear in a slideshow, below your exhibition room.

In the slideshow of your artifacts, the ones that have been already hanged in this exhibition and not just this room are disabled and you can move or remove them. You can select any other artifact from the slideshow and exhibit it here following the next steps:

  • Select the artifact from the slideshow and your artifact will appear at the right of the window with a ‘Place artifact’ button.
  • Select the ‘Place artifact’ button.
  • Move your mouse inside your room and your artifact will follow your mouse.
    It’s like taking your artifact on hand and moving inside the room until you decide where to hang it.
  • Use your keyboard keys, as mentioned above, and navigate your room until you find your spot.
  • Find the right height to hang your artifact, not to low not to high. While moving your mouse and your artifact, there’s an eye appearing in the wall, representing the average human eye-height.
  • Left-click on the desired spot and a drop down menu will give you three more options:

    • Place, to hang your artifact there.
    • Delete, to start placing another artifact.
    • Cancel, to cancel hanging in this spot and find another spot for this artifact.

These are the steps to place an artifact. After hanging one artifact, you can continue placing other artifacts following the exact same steps. You can also: