You may add Vimeo videos and store them in your gallery to be embedded in an upcoming exhibition. Navigate to and click ‘Artifacts’ in the upper right hand navigation bar to manage your gallery’s artifacts. You will be taken in the ‘Manage Artifacts’ page with ‘Images’ as the default type of artifacts. Click ‘Video’ to manage your videos.

  • Add
    To add a new Vimeo video, just click ‘add Vimeo video’. You will be then asked to fill out some fields:

    First step:

    • Vimeo ID
      Enter your Vimeo video ID or URI, e.g. 99999999 or

    Click ‘Next’ to go to the next step:

    • Title
      Update or keep Vimeo video’s title.

    • Description
      Update or keep Vimeo video’s description.

    • Copyrights
      Enter the name of Vimeo video’s creator.

    • Tags
      Update or keep Vimeo video’s tags.

    When you have filled the above fields or just the Vimeo ID and Title, select ‘Save’ and this Vimeo video will be stored in your gallery. Simple as that!

  • Edit
    To edit a Vimeo video’s details, just click ‘Edit’ under the video whose fields you wish to update. A new window will pop up and you may update the fields that you filled while adding this video, i.e. title, description, copyrights and tags. Your updates will automatically be applied to each exhibition that this artifact is displayed.

  • View
    To view a video, just click ‘View’ under this artifact.