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ArtSteps Exhibitions are virtual exhibitions hosted in virtual galleries and visited by internet users. Create art and exhibit in ArtSteps. Exhibiting your art in ArtSteps is critical if your aspiration includes getting your art in front of many people. Show your art in your gallery’s exhibitions and enjoy the complete freedom of designing and arranging your exhibition space and curating your exhibitions.

As an ArtSteps user, you can create at least one exhibition. As a Premium user, you will get the chance to create more exhibitions. Either way, though, creating an ArtSteps Exhibition is easy to do, and when it’s done, everybody notices.

The first step for creating an ArtSteps Exhibition is storing your artifacts (see in ArtSteps Artifacts). The next step is describing with clarity your exhibition to ArtSteps users. You should promote your exhibition choosing the most descriptive image and words. The image and title are your exhibition’s identity on Artsteps. The description should give a better idea of your exhibition and artifacts exhibited. It appears alongside the title and image when users are browsing Artsteps exhibitions. Tags should be descriptive keywords of your exhibition. Users will discover your exhibition by selecting the right tag while browsing Artsteps exhibitions.

After describing your exhibition, the next step is to design and arrange your exhibition space. Your exhibition space can consist of one or more rooms. You can add rooms in your exhibition, either designing by scratch your room or selecting a room template. Templates are empty rooms created either by us or you. You create a new room template every time you design a room by scratch.

The next step is to curate your ArtSteps exhibition and more specifically each exhibition room separately. Place the artifacts you have stored in your gallery (images, Vimeo videos and textual artifacts). You know what to ‘hang’ where, how to arrange it, how to progress it from one room to the next, and how to make sure you are satisfied while at the same time effectively presenting your case to the public.

The final step for creating an ArtSteps exhibition is to publish it to ArtSteps users. With basic account, you can only publish one permanent exhibition without any time or space limits. With premium account, you can have your permanent exhibition published for as long you like and publish your current exhibitions for a period of months of your choosing.